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These are the goals that Threads of Life Foundation plan to achieve with the help of contributions from generous people such as you. We hope that you will see the benefit of these goals and will help us to achieve them. Thank you

1 . Children seem to be the overlooked ones when it comes to the death of a parent or loved one. It is our goal to open a camp/retreat style facility where children can come one a regular basis to receive free counseling and congregate with other children that have experienced the same as them. We also want to adopt neglected and abused farm animals so the children can interact with them. Animals have a calming effect on almost everyone and farm animals are just plain fun. We want to make our facility fun and inviting for children who may be a little stand offish. Animals are a great way to break the ice. They are also constructive in helping children to express their emotions. It is our goal for our camp retreat to set on approximately 30 to 40 acres with a lake included. We not only plan to have facilities for everyday counseling but also a camp/retreat for kids and adults that want to get away from the everyday rat race. For the kids we will offer 1 and 2 week camps.  Our retreat will be a place where kids can come and play with other kids in the same situation as them. Form new friendships and learn how to cope with the loss of their parent or loved one.

We also plan to offer retreats to parents and spouses of those that have lost a child or spouse to drug addiction and/or suicide. They need time to process and be around those like them also. Counseling, classes and exercises will be available to help them through their time of grief processing. For the adults we also want to offer ongoing weekly sessions, but we will also offer 1 week and, weekend retreats.

2. In our research, we are finding that the biggest obstacle for an addict who is receiving treatment is aftercare. It seems after their addiction rehab treatment is complete, they are either turned loose to the streets or, have to go stay with a relative. Most of the time that is just not an option. A lot of times the addict has already burned bridges. It is our goal to open facilities that will be tightly ran as a community of recovering addicts. We will offer transitional counseling as well as long term stay. Our concentration will be for meth addicts but not limited to them. The reason is that an opioid addict has medical resources that can help them to transition off of the opioid. A pharmaceutical as of yet has not been discovered to aid in the addiction recovery process of Methamphetamine. Norcan is not effective because the effects of meth are body decay. 

We want our facilities to be ran not as tightly as a prison but, not as loosely as a halfway house. There has to be structure in the life of an addict. That is why most addicts can stay off of drugs while they are incarcerated. When there is no access, there is no usage. It may sound harsh but it is better than the other option which is either overdose or body decay and possibly suicide. There will be ongoing meetings such as Celebrate Recovery or AA. There will also be a time for relaxation, worship, meditation, work outs, games and other activities. We also plan to have housing for married couples with families. Better to be a family in strict surroundings then to lose a family to freedom.

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