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Randal and Lynn


Randal and his two girls

On May 4, 1983, Lynn Logan birthed into this world a beautiful baby boy. She named him Randal. Randal was a happy child. He and his grandmother, Lynn's mom, were best friends. Every mother has high hopes for her child. But every mother's child becomes their own person. Randal's addiction started like most, when he was a teenager. He would huff paint with his teenage cousin. That was off and on until His grandmother died in 2005. Every person in this world experiences heartache in their life. Randal's heartache came when he lost his best friend. His grandmother. Randal's grandmother had cancer. It went into remission for a couple of years and then came back with a vengeance in 2005. She found out the cancer was back in May of 2005 and by August 2005 she died. Randal found some of his grandmother's left over Oxycodone and that's where his addictions really took a turn. He decided that he didn't like opioids because he didn't like being down. He liked being up. So Randal's drug of choice became cocaine and alcohol. A friend turned him onto cocaine. But then Randal discovered Methamphetamine. 

     After that discovery Randal was in and out of jail on possession and burglary charges for the most part. This is typical for most drug addicts. So for the next 17 years Randal put his family through the hell that all families of addicts go through. Lynn prayed many a prayer that God would put Randal in jail before Randal put himself in a situation that he would end up dead. Those prayers were answered all the way up until Randal's last incarceration. Once again Randal was arrested and this time he was sentenced to his first prison sentence. Because of Covid, he spent a year and a half in the county jail until the Texas state jail in Austin could make room for him. He spent the remainder of his sentence in Travis State Jail. Randal was released with new hope and a sense of purpose. He was eager to get a job and serve his probation cleanly. Unfortunately we are human and have habits that if not carefully addressed, we will fall back into the temptations. And that is exactly what happened to Randal. He was released from prison into the custody of his mom and stepdad on March 21, 2021. He had weekly UAs and failed one by May. Fortunately his kids came to stay all summer with him and that seemed to keep him straight. But when they had to go back to their mom's who they lived with, Randal started hooking up with old friends. In particular and old female drug partner who had taught him how to shoot up. They really started communicating around September. On his stepdad's birthday, November 15th, Lynn had to call the police department because Randal had been up for 4 days straight. He was hallucinating from using meth. He busted into his parents room at 3 in the morning one night thinking that his mom was calling him. Which she was not. On the 15th she decided to call the ambulance to see if he would go and get help because she thought he was having mental issues. They brought the police for safety reasons. Randal chose to not go with the paramedics so the police said he would have to go with them. They searched Randal and found a used needle. When they asked him if he had used the needle to shoot drugs he said yes. They took him to jail but because he wasn't publicly intoxicated they couldn't keep him. So, two hours later he showed back up at his parents house. Lynn told Randal that he could not stay there. She was afraid that Randal might try to harm her, his stepfather or step grandmother. So Randal went to his friend's house. A place he frequented when he was using. Because she would never turn him away. That was 3 weeks before he died. He met up with his drug partner and stayed high with her for an entire week until her elderly mother discovered that he was staying in the closet. She told her daughter that he was not allowed to stay there any more than she was allowed to stay at his parents house. So Randal went back to his friend's house. They had a great conversation on the morning of December 3rd, the day before he died, about how he was going to stop doing drugs and get clean again. Randal spoke to Lynn later that day. She asked him to come to her birthday party the next day. She called and texted him that night and asked if he was going to come. The next day, December 4th, 2021 was her birthday. Randal's sister, Brittany, had planned a little party for their mom. Lynn called Randal  twice ad left him phone messages. She also texted him twice. There was no response. So everyone just figured he was still working a tree cutting job that he had gotten to do with a company that a friend owned. Lynn and her family finished the party. Brittany went home and left her two kids with Lynn. About an hour later Lynn received a call from the Montgomery, Texas police department. When Lynn heard the officer she automatically assumed that Randal had broken his parole. She did not expect what the officer was about to say. " Mrs. Logan, this is officer_____. Your son is unconscious. The paramedics have been working on him for about 20 minutes. They had managed to get a heartbeat back but then they lost it again and haven't been able to revive him." He puts the paramedic on the phone who asked if Randal had any medical conditions. Lynn had forgotten about Randal complaining all summer that he had heartburn. And that she had warned him that heartburn can mimic a heart attack. She had him try some Omeprazole and he said it worked to some degree. So Lynn tells the paramedic that he didn't have any know health problems but that he did have a drug problem. SO she ran back to Randal and tried to administer Norcan. But Norcan only works on opioids. The police officer came back on the phone to ask Lynn if they could call a doctor to come out to pronounce him. She started screaming no. no. no and gave the phone to her husband Keith to finish the conversation while she collapsed to the floor in her shock and grief. God did not answer her begging and pleading this time. Randal would not be going back to prison. Her 38 year old baby boy, best friend, the one who could make her so mad and make her laugh so hard in one conversation, the one who would always ask her what he could do for her and the family, the generous man that loved people and just wanted to help was now gone. Her world would change forever. Now she had to call the mothers of Randal' children and give them the news so they could break it to the children. Lynn went though the funeral and the the period of mourning and grief. Then she prayed for God to give her back joy and peace. Because she knew that Randal was now in a place of splendor. That he was now reunited with his best friend, his grandmother, and his younger cousin who had passed away in 2019 from a heroin overdose, and other friends and family that had gone to heaven. Lynn had a pastor tell her that God did not take her son, He received Randal. He was correct. Randal chose to do drugs. Randal chose not to try and get any help. In the forensics report it said that Randal had  100% blockage in his left anterior descending artery. It is called the "widowmaker" artery. According to research, drug use causes a person's body to age quicker than usual. Randal died because of the effects of methamphetamine on his body. Lynn knows in her heart that the moment Randal closed his eyes that he called on Jesus to save him. Randal was a self studied biblical scholar. He was raised in church. With those facts Lynn truly believes that she will once again see her son one day.

     The word of God says “I will turn their mourning into joy” (Jeremiah 31:13). Romans 8:28 tells us, ‘…We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. But Randal left behind three children. Two of which were little girls. They were 8 and 9 when he passed. They are not processing the grief of their dad very well. Lynn has been trying to find some type of grief support for her grand children and came to find there are slim to none. So with all of that being said, Lynn knows now what the purpose is that has come from her son's death. Lynn decided to take the nonprofit that she had started and use it to try and not only help in the rehabilitation of drug addicts, but provide grief support to children who have lost their parent to addiction and/or suicide. Especially ones that are addicted to methamphetamine because it has become an epidemic. You can look at the GOALS page for more information on what Lynn's plans are, 

     If you have read Lynn's story and her goals and you have decided to be a part of her cause then please click on the donate now tab. That is the best and easiest way you can help. Thank you

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